Savings and Investments


Savings and Investments are incredibly important for the future, both the managing of regular and lump sum investments. Regular saving for the future needs to be balanced with the need to live for today. Lump sums for investment can be attained in many ways, existing savings, inheritances, personal injury payments, pay-outs from insurance policies or lottery style winnings. Many find managing lump sums both daunting and stressful, we aim to simplify the process.


What is the service?


Saving for the future should start as early as you can and can create both discipline and future security. Our service normally includes:


  • Understanding existing commitments and deciding whether repaying a debt is the right course of action;

  • Understanding attitude to risk;

  • Creating and managing emergency funds;

  • Guiding you through the various products, funds and structures currently available;

  • Lump sum investments can provide security, additions to pension funds and the ability to make life altering decisions. This service can include:

  • Understanding your aims and desires;

  • Considering existing commitments, income and the role a lump sum can have in your life;

  • Initial and ongoing understanding of your attitude to risk and capacity for loss;

  • Tax considerations and liasing with Accountants, if required;

  • Maximising ISA and other tax efficient investments if applicable;

  • Initial and ongoing review of your requirements;


Why you may need it


Balancing existing commitments and saving for the future may be difficult. We aim to work with you, on a regular basis, so that your savings can evolve as income increases and commitments diminish.

Whether you have just received a lump sum or not, making initial decisions is just the start. Each year your view on risk needs to be assessed, your requirements for income or capital and the need to make the most of any tax breaks. All of the aspects and others will be covered in our review service.


How does it work?


We will sit down and review your current situation and help you plan for the future. Regular savings can be a useful addition to pension planning so long as its available earlier, if required. Our service normally involves:


  • Understanding your need for short term cash;

  • Your attitude to risk and capacity for loss;

  • Retirement plans and other important dates; taxation issues;


Other Issues


May include spouses, partners and their involvement and requirements. Also making and updating wills are important issues particularly with growing families and aging parents.

Can include family issues and how to pass on lump sums and how to access income whilst, at the same time, reducing taxes on the capital.




Saving regularly, if affordable, can provide piece of mind and security and ability to make future life decisions from a stronger position.

Lump sum investments should involve other considerations such as tax, inheritance tax, family structure and needs and future income requirements.

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