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How to Organise Your Life for a Better Future

Simple life changes can lead to big outcomes. Do you often wonder how you could organise your life so you can enjoy a better future? Are you saving enough to enjoy your lifestyle today as well as for your retirement?

One of the most surprising and positive aspects of the current pandemic is the amount of money being saved from not being able to travel or enjoy our lifestyles in the usual way. Even the cost of one cup of coffee can add up to dramatic savings over time.

But, organising your money is only one factor that can determine whether you will enjoy a bright and comfortable future. There are many practical areas to consider, which will help you to enjoy a more fulfilling life, both now and when you finally retire.

Following on from our previous post, Financial Priorities for Every Stage of Life, we’ve shared some interesting stats, over 60s facts, and some simple steps you can take so you can enjoy a better future:

Plan for tomorrow by reflecting on the present

Look at your income, outgoings, savings and lifestyle. Check your bank account for forgotten direct debits and old subscription fees. Pay off credit cards to avoid paying interest fees. Create a budget listing all your monthly spend. Use an app like Google Sheets, so you can easily share your household budget with your partner or family. Are you living the lifestyle you want, but relying on credit? How could you reduce your outgoings and start saving?

Plan for a rainy day!

We never know what life has in store. Home repairs, job losses, accidents, and care fees often occur when they are least expected. Consider placing a small yet regular sum of money into a savings account, ISA or pension scheme. Saving £10 per week equals £520 in a year. Are you putting enough money away for unexpected life events? When did you last check your insurance policy details to see whether you have the right level of cover in place?

Plan well ahead for big spends

Agree and stick to any budgets for house improvements, weddings, holidays or a new car. It can be all too easy to get carried away with your spending and suddenly end up in debt. There are smart phone or tablet project management apps to help you keep track of your progress. Are you expecting any major life events in the coming years ahead? How could you budget for larger outgoings and make your money work harder for you in the meantime?

Plan for your future home

Consider where you would like to live at later stages of your life. Research your ideal home to get an idea of how much it would cost to buy. Factor in potential changes to house prices, including what your own property might cost to sell. Think about any other property you might like to own, such as a holiday home. Are you on the right mortgage deal? How can you achieve enough financial security to ensure you can afford your forever home?

Plan for a comfortable retirement

Create a mood board to capture your ideas and aspirations for the future. You could cut out images from magazines or you could create a digital version using an online tool. Visualising your life goals and ambitions will motivate you to carry out the necessary activities to help you achieve your dreams. Discuss your thoughts with your partner. Are you both agreed on your life goals? How can you start to save more than you spend?

Being organised for whatever lies ahead relies on good planning. If you want to look forward to a better future which is both financially secure and enables you to achieve your dreams, then you need to define your priorities. Spend some time with your partner and family talking about what you would like to achieve in your life and agree on some realistic timescales. Reviewing your current financial position to see whether you are likely to achieve your life goals in the time frames you have discussed, is something we can help with. Whether you need financial, mortgage or protection advice, our financial advisers will help you plan and secure your lifestyle for a brighter future. When did you last have a financial review? Get in touch today to speak to our friendly team of financial advisers.

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