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Financial Priorities for Every Stage of Life

Our financial priorities change as we move through life, and most people find it hard to predict their future lives. When you were younger, did you foresee how your life would unfold? Few of us are fortunate to have such a level of foresight! As many of us will face similar scenarios at certain ages, what we can do is plan for common eventualities. As everybody is different, with their own set of personal objectives, people’s priorities differ too.

Perhaps your child is growing up fast and has visions of going to Oxbridge? Your future challenge could be finding ways to support their dreams, along with your own aspirations. Maybe you’re in your fifties with an adult-child still living at home and you’re fed up of sharing the bathroom? The solution could be to either build an en suite or to find a way to help them move out of your family home. Or you’ve just decided to move abroad and start a new life…

Whatever your financial priorities might be, we’ve illustrated the ones that tend to influence us as we move through each stage of our lives below:

How many of the above scenarios resonate with you? When did you last take a moment to reflect on your own set of financial priorities? Have you reflected on your life aspirations recently, and whether you are moving closer to achieving your goals?

Now’s a good time to review your financial plans to see if you need to adapt any aspect to ensure you can look forward to a bright, positive and comfortable future. Whether you need protection, financial or mortgage advice, we are here to help you at every stage of your life. If you would like a review of your existing financial plans, please speak to our friendly team of financial advisers who are always on hand to help - get in touch today.

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