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7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Financial Adviser

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

If you thought that using a financial adviser was only for the rich and famous, then think again!

Nowadays, most people on varying levels of income can enjoy the benefits of receiving professional financial advice. Working with an adviser will enable you and your family to enjoy a more comfortable life and a safer financial future. In this article, we share seven reasons why you might benefit from this type of support.

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.” Steve Jobs

1. Live your best life Put simply, working with a financial adviser is a good way of enabling you to live your best life. Whether it’s building a nest egg from your hard-earned money, protecting your family or planning your legacy, financial advice gives you the opportunity to live the life you choose. Typically, fees are only around 1% and based on the amount of money you have to invest (and will depend on the advice you need). Our FAQs can give you more information.

2. Enjoy your lifestyle A financial adviser will help you plan your finances, so you can continue enjoying your current lifestyle, stress-free. They will work with you to ensure you always have enough disposable income to cover things like annual holidays, mini breaks, shopping trips and big celebrations. They will also help you plan for any large future outgoings, such as buying a new car or paying your child’s university fees.

3. Protect your family Unfortunately, none of us can predict the future. A financial adviser will help you put in place relevant cover to ensure you and your family are protected should the worst happen. They will help you protect your income and home in the event that you or your partner suffer from a serious illness or if one of you passes away. As there are many types of insurance, the right level of cover will depend on various factors.

4. Buy your dream home

Are you looking for your first, second or ‘forever’ home? Perhaps you plan to move to the seaside one day? Or maybe you have visions of living in a French chateau? Whatever dream home you envisage, you’re much more likely to realise your goal by working with a financial adviser. They will help you to plan your income and source a suitable mortgage, so you can work towards turning your dreams into a reality.

“…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin

5. Secure your future

You might think, “I’m already enjoying a comfortable life, I don’t need a financial adviser”. Sadly, in these turbulent economic times, even a seemingly comfortable job could be at risk. So, our advice would be to always plan ahead and prepare for any potential tough times. Keep a rainy-day fund, save what you can on a regular basis, and work with a financial adviser to grow your money pot.

6. Retire in style Imagine all your hard work over all those years, and then you suddenly discover you don’t have enough money to enjoy your retirement! The earlier you start planning for the future, the more you can save. For example, if you were to start saving £100 per month from the age of 25, by the time you reached 65 this would equate to a whopping £208,000 plus any interest! So, you can start planning that luxury trip now.

"To me, retirement means doing what you have fun doing." Dick Van Dyke

7. Plan your legacy Once you’ve worked alongside a financial adviser for many years, you may find you’ve accumulated a nice sum of money. You are then likely to want to pass this on to your children and grandchildren when you pass away. And the last thing you would want is for your legacy to be heavily taxed or for this to go to the wrong people. A financial adviser will help you to put protective measures in place, including a Will.

Working with a qualified financial adviser will allow you to plan and secure your future, grow your savings and investments, and protect your family along the way. Financial advice gives you important insights into your personal wealth, so you can safely navigate any challenges life brings. Financial planning enables you to enjoy a better lifestyle from any income you earn and any assets you own.

There is no need to be afraid of your finances or your future. Financial advisers work with you to find the best, affordable and realistic solutions for you to make the most of your money.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis

Why not get in touch today to see how our financial advisers can help you achieve your goals?

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