AVENTUR Fund Portfolio's

The Aventur Model Fund Investment Portfolios are run in house by the Aventur Investment Committee, and have performed exceptionally well over the years.

The Aventur Portfolios are Exclusive to Aventur clients.

There are 5 portfolios on offer with differing levels of risk, with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. 

All of the portfolios are globally diversified to ensure that events in any one area do not drastically effect performance or risk. 


Low Risk


Medium/Low Risk


Medium Risk


Medium/High Risk


High Risk

* As at 09/04/2020

Performance 5 Years

Aventur Portfolio Graph.png

* As at 09/04/2020

A - Aventur AV5       69%

B - Aventur AV4       49.59%

C - Aventur AV3       40.86%

D - Aventur AV2       27.29%

E - AFI Aggressive   17.41%

F - Aventur AV1        15.13%

G - AFI Balanced     11.59%

H - AFI Cautious      7.67%

* As at 09/04/2020

AFI stands for Adviser Fund Index and has been formed from a group of the UK's leading Financial Advice Firms, it has been used to give a comparison of performance data.

Aventur Model Investment Fund Portfolios can be used in General accounts, Stocks & Shares ISA's, Pensions, Onshore Bonds & Offshore Bonds.

The Aventur Portfolios are Exclusive to Aventur clients.

Past performance should not be used as a guide to future returns and are not guaranteed. Capital at risk. The value of your investments can go up and down.


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